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The philosophy of our practice is simple: every patient is a VIP. From the very first call, our patients are treated with the respect, compassion and patience that they deserve.  Our highly trained staff is happy to assist you in answering any questions or concerns you might have. Recently renovated with patients' comfort in mind, our practice understands that our patients lead busy lives. We, therefore, offer high definition television and free Wi-Fi while you wait. A selection of movies is available to watch during the procedure in addition to a diverse musical selection.

Using the most cutting-edge advancements in endodontic therapy, the procedures are completed with an attention to excellence and a dedication to adequate anesthesia.  Root canal therapy has come a long way; most procedures can be done with no more discomfort than a simple filling, the majority of which can be completed in a single, one-hour visit.

We are committed to working as part of a well-organized team, headed by your general dentist. In this way, we feel that we can provide the best, most optimal care imaginable. It is our belief that endodontic therapy plays an essential role in a comprehensive treatment plan as well as our patient's overall dental health. To that end, it is our commitment to offer the best in root canal therapy in the Boston/Brookline area.

Practice Profile

Our state-of-the-art practice is equipped with the latest technology available in endodontics.

  • We utilize a digital radiography system in lieu of conventional dental x-rays, reducing patients' radiation exposure by 90%. This advanced technology also allows for optimal diagnostic capabilities.
  • Our office is outfitted with a brand new Carl Zeiss surgical microscope.  This powerful tool allows the endodontist maximum visual control in a remarkably premise manner.  With this advancement, we are able to completely treat and effectively diagnose even the most complex cases.
  • A powerful diagnostic tool, an intraoral camera is used to help patients understand any complications or complexities. Clinical pictures will accompany final x-rays to the General Dentist, where approriate.
  • Every procedure in our practice is completed with the aid of rotary instrumentation, a development which has revolutionized the way endodontics is performed. 
  • For patients with high anxiety, we offer nitrous oxide sedation to assist with the procedure.  Oral sedation can be prescribed on a case by case basis.
  • Our office is completely paperless, with the most progressive web-based digital software on the market. An added convenience to our patients and referring doctors, The Digital Office program allows patients to pre-register for their appointments online. This saves valuable time and lengthy paperwork at the time of treatment. It also allows the General Dentist immediate access to final x-rays, medications prescribed and follow-up care.
Dr Oogle
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Dr. Han was highly recommended by my dentist to perform a root canal. I traveled to Belmont to see my dentist on the wrong day and he had called her office and she was able to see me. This was great because I live in Rockport. It was late in the day and traffic would have been a nightmare to go home. She was so gentle and meticulous. I wouldn't hesitate to drive to Brookline again if I needed more root canal work done. Best experience I ever had. No pain or swelling after the procedure. Thank you so much! Janet, Rockport, MA


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Patient Testimonials

I am happy to write a positive testimonial for this office. Dr Han was efficient and clear in her explanations. I've had a few other dentists look at this tooth, but Dr. Han was the first one to figure out what was wrong and to actually fix it.  What a Godsend after years of not being able to chew on this tooth. Wonderful bedside manner and courteous staff.

Jen C.

Kudos to Dr. Han. I was so pleased with how smoothly everything operates in this office, from the procedure to the front desk. I greatly appreciate your knowledge and professionalism. Thank you again.

Michael M.

I had a wonderful experience with this office and with Dr. Han.  Everything financially was explained to me fully by the office manager before I started. I found this very refreshing.  Usually you go in and are totally confused with what you're supposed to pay and what you're going to get billed on.  The root canal not the horror story you hear about. It really was pretty easy all things considered.  I was shown the x-ray at the end, but its hard to know what I'm looking at. My dentist, however, said it was very well-done.  So, overall, a great experience.


I saw Dr. han for a root canal and was surprised by how easy it was.  I've never had one before and didn't know quite what to expect.  The whole thing was over before I knew it, partly because I got to watch  "Avatar" during the procedure! The office itself is very modern and high tech and Regina, the front desk person, was super helpful.  Big thumbs up!

Margaret K.

I have been a colleague of Dr. Han's for many years. I am proud to know that she will bring the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and compassion to the Brookline/Boston community. Congratulations on your grand opening!

Ashish Sahasra, DMD, Senior Partner, Premier Endodontics of Long Island

Dr. Han: Congratulations on the opening of your new office. I am very proud that you are always one of my best residents. You are an excellent clinician who care deeply about patients. I am sure that patients will benefit greatly from your outstanding professional skill.

Louis Lin, BDS, DMD, PhD, Professor and Director of Advanced Education in Endodontics, NYUCD

I went to Dr. Han for a root canal today and could not have been happier with the treatment I received by her entire staff. Although my procedure was difficult because of how infected my tooth was, Dr. Han worked tirelessly for two hours to ensure my root canal was a success. During the process she was swift, clear, careful and even humorous. Thank you Dr. Han for being a "perfectionist" and making sure my procedure went well. It will not be forgotten.

Andrew D.

Dr.Han and her staff are very professional, kind, and most of all, skilled. I recently went to Dr. Han for a very complicated root canal re-treatment. I was nervous about the outcome, as the prior root canal I had 5 years ago with another Endodontist didn't go very wellclinically. After 3 visits at the office, success! Dr. Han made sure she took things slow and was very thorough. It's very possible that other Endodontists would have given up after the second visit! I appreciate the time she took to save my tooth, and I wish I went to her the first time! Yesterday I went to my dentist for a consult on a crown, and he remarked on how amazing the root canal looked. I informed him that it was a re-treatment, and that he should have seen the mess lurking in my tooth shown on the orginal x-ray, prior to the re-treat.!! After hearing this, he was even more impressed!! Thanks again for saving my tooth and taking away 5 years of discomfort! -Jenny Cascio

Jenny Cascio

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